How I Drastically Increased My Writing Overnight


I want to be a writer. I think. Probably partly because I’m influenced by those types of people but also because there’s a lot in my heart that I’m pretty sure is worth sharing. However, I’ve always struggled with this task of writing; it’s a lot of work.

Recently I read an article that said if you want to be more productive, wake up every morning and hand write three pages. So the next day, I did that. Except it was one page. Then the next day I did it again. I struggled with what to write and it didn’t feel like I was becoming any more productive, but I kept writing for just a few more days and then something really cool happened.

Since I was struggling with what to write, I began simply recalling what happened yesterday and what I needed to do today. Two guys had told me some things they were struggling with, and so I was writing about my conversation with them. I then paused for a moment, sat back to reflect and found myself with an attitude of prayer for them. And then the cool thing happened: I cried (something I don’t often do). This is cool because, HAD I NOT SIT DOWN TO WRITE, MY TEARS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

And then it hit me: there is incredible power in simply reflecting on the events of my day. It’s incredible because, in the case of the two guys, I feel a greater sense of empowerment and need for action in their lives.

For the past week, I haven’t been able to stop writing. The ideas flowing from my pen seem to be coming out of nowhere. They’re deeper, better, and I walk away feeling excited for what’s next. So yes, I’d say I’m more productive. Btw, you can read that article on lifehacker here.

And now, I’m planning to buy more notebooks. And G2 pens.


photo credit: Pen & Writing via photopin (license)


4 thoughts on “How I Drastically Increased My Writing Overnight

  1. Great post! So true on the reflection front. I need to do that more often. I’ll check that article. Your post made me think of the below quote from Eugene Petersen’s “The Pastor” book. Not sure if you read it but it was so good…

    “I found that there was a way of writing that I had only peripheral acquaintance with and never pursued – heuristic writing. I began to sense that my writing was at some deeper level a conversation with scripture. At the same time a conversation with my congregation. But conversation, not explaining, not directing. I was exploring the country, this land of the living. And I was taking my time. I hadn’t set out to do this. I had neither model nor goal – at least I didn’t think I did. It was a way of writing that involved a good deal of listening, looking around, getting acquainted with the neighborhood. Not writing what I knew but writing into what I didn’t know, edging into a mystery. This, I was learning, was what a real writer did. Novelist Kurt Vonnegut described this writing as walking through a dense forest in the dead of night with a pencil flashlight between your teeth, about two feet of the darkness illuminated before you as you worked your way from word to word.” 

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