How I’m using Trello and Evernote to manage 1:1 meetings

Trello - Evernote

Here’s a quick explanation of how I’m using Trello and Evernote to manage the elusive tasks of one-on-one (1:1) meetings. Evernote is a pretty straight forward note taking app, and Trello is an app for managing projects. It’s different than most to do list apps in that you’re not restricted to a linear list. So you’ll have to get used to how it works (more on that here), but it’s so simple your grandma could use it.

Tracking meetings/conversations

In Evernote, create a notebook for each month, and add it to a new notebook stack “2015.” If you have an android smartphone you can save a shortcut to the current month right on your home screen. I do this because otherwise it’s out of sight/out of mind and I’ll likely forget about it. I add a note for each meeting titled “Person’s name @ place.” Then I tag it with their name, topic, place. You can nest tags in Evernote so I do that to keep them organized. The reason for the tags is it’s easy to see past conversations per person, topic, etc. I notice patterns in thinking, recall things better, etc.

David Allen says not to mix reference with to-dos. For that reason, I then use Trello.

In Trello, I then create a board for “1:1 Meetings.” The lists are “To discuss,” “Recent Conversations,” “Conversations To Do,” “Actions To Do,” and “Done.” Those seem to be working for me right now. On those lists I create cards by topic based on the conversation. These are very actionable items; things I can check off. For people that I meet with regularly (like my boss) I have a board with these lists specifically for him. I have another board for a leadership group I work with, etc.

You may be thinking, “I don’t want to use two different apps for this.” I feel you. However, by keeping your reference separate from your to-dos I promise you’re doing yourself a favor. David Allen says your mind knows the difference and will become numb to your lists if they’re not separate. Also, it actually helps me to remember things better by journaling about it in Evernote and then reviewing that note and adding action items to Trello.

Hope this helps you! I’m gonna try to share some other ways I’m using Trello and Evernote soon. Let me know if you have questions; I love to talk about this stuff.


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