Introverts in the Church – Part 1

introverts in the church - Adam S. McHugh

“Introverts often give off the appearance of calmness…those whose inner worlds truly match their outer appearances are among the rarest people in the world.”

I recently read a book about introverts working/living in an extroverted culture. I didn’t realize the church was this culture, and I didn’t realize just how much it has been affecting me. To be honest, it opened my eyes to some very unhealthy thinking I’ve been guilty of for a loooong time.

Mainly, that I’ve been living into what I thought other people’s expectations were of me. I actually even thought that there was something wrong with me if I wasn’t funny, or quick-witted, or even just talkative most of the time. I know that it’s absurd to have lived life this way, but until now no one has ever said it to me before. Or if they have, I didn’t listen; maybe I’m just a little slow.

The other side to this is, I’ve also realized that many well-intentioned people have even played into this mindset I’ve come to believe as true. This book explains how the church favors extroversion. Often I’m left feeling guilty for not being a “rah-rah” guy. I’ve been strongly convicted that the church owes an apology to introverts. If you don’t have an inclination that this might be true, then you probably need to read this book.

I’ve been telling people that I feel this was the first God-ordained book I was supposed to read; that it might change my life. I wrote a lot of it down and I’m currently working on an action plan. In a few future posts, I’ll be sharing SOME of the practical application in the book that I connected with and how I’ve implemented it into my life.

In the meantime, hopefully you’ll see me being a little more comfortable with my own silence. And if that makes you uncomfortable, just tell me I need to be more outgoing. You’ll get an earful.


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