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Updated Reading List

I began a youth ministry training cohort with a group of youth workers in September 2014. We meet every other month for support and encouragement as we discuss strengths and weaknesses in both personal life and youth ministry. Just one of the many benefits that has come out of this group: great accountability for reading. Below […]

Trello - Evernote

How I’m using Trello and Evernote to manage 1:1 meetings

Here’s a quick explanation of how I’m using Trello and Evernote to manage the elusive tasks of one-on-one (1:1) meetings. Evernote is a pretty straight forward note taking app, and Trello is an app for managing projects. It’s different than most to do list apps in that you’re not restricted to a linear list. So […]

The Bible – Nine35 (Sunday School) 2014-2015 Intro

9/7/14 The bible. A complex book written long before you were born, with language you can’t even speak. It’s since been translated into your language, but still, it’s very difficult for you to understand the meaning behind the whole thing. You shouldn’t feel worried about that though. Of course you’re going to struggle to understand it. […]


The Ragamuffin Gospel – Chapter 6

Ch 6 – Grazie, Signore It’s been tough for me to summarize these chapters because I find myself wanting to underline the entire thing. Each chapter has a ton of illustrations and sub-points, and without reading them the main point doesn’t really make much sense. So it’s a deep book and difficult to summarize briefly. […]