I do this for me

I would love for you to read the content here, but this site is not for you. It’s for me. It’s about holding myself accountable to accomplishing something in life. If you happen to get something out of it too, well that would be great. But I do this for me.

Farmers Insurance

The Auto Insurance Trance

Auto insurance commercials intrigue me. Did you ever notice how the only thing they really hope to accomplish is to make you laugh? Of course you did. It’s their marketing scheme. It kinda slapped me in the face one day when I saw a Farmers Insurance commercial. You know the jingle, “We are Farmers, bum […]

Running, Life, & Mat Kearney

I’ve been running a lot the past few months. More so than I ever have my entire life. Usually it’s about 3 times per week, 1.5 miles per run. Some days, though, I’m feeling pretty strong and I hit the 2 mile mark. My GPS app tells me I’ve run 29.8 miles in 18 workouts. […]